Swiftlock And Pine Laminate Flooring

Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

Are you thinking of doing some improvements to your home? If you are then the quickest and simplest way of making such improvements is through laying some new flooring. However, don’t limit yourself just too new carpeting. Instead it is worth considering laying some Swiftlock laminate flooring.

As you will soon discover when it comes to laminate flooring including that made by Swiftlock is not only does it make a room look more attractive, but also it is far more durable. Plus when it comes to Swiftlock laminate flooring it doesn’t take too long to install and you can even lay it over top of the existing floor surface.

So why is the kind of laminate flooring made by Swiftlock worth considering installing? Below we take a look at just some of the reasons for installing Swiftlock laminate flooring in your home.

Reason 1 – As a floating floor technique is used to install this type of flooring unlike conventional hardwood floors you don’t need to use nails or screws to make sure that it remains in place once laid. However, you must make sure that gap around the room is left to ensure that the boards once in place have room to expand and contract when temperature and humidity levels in it change.

Reason 2– As mentioned above no nails or screws are needed to ensure that the boards once laid remain in place. They simply lock into each other and this is what ensures that they stay together. This type of system also means that you don’t have to worry about using any form of adhesive to help lock each board together. As a result you will find that the whole project of installing such flooring in a particular room can be carried out over the weekend.

Reason 3 – When it comes to Swiftlock laminate flooring you are not limited to the rooms in which it can be installed. This is the kind that you can also if you wish have laid in a bathroom. If you do intend to lay such flooring in your bathroom it is crucial to use a small amount of flooring glue that you run along the top of the tongue as this will ensure that the boards remain in place. Remember the humidity and temperature levels in this room vary much more compared to any other. Also will prevent moisture from seeping through to underneath.

Pine Laminate Flooring

With the correct set of instructions, you will find that laying pine laminate flooring is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. In fact when it comes to laying any kind of laminate flooring all you need to is a dry surface that is also level and firm.

However, along with choosing the right sort of pine laminate flooring for you home the other thing you need to decide upon is the kind of underlay that you use as well. It is the underlay that will ensure that the surface on to which your flooring is then laid is not only firm but also level. As you will soon discover when you start looking at what underlay to use there are many different kinds to select from.

The first kind is known as poly foam underlay and of the kinds available is the least expensive to buy. Yes it does help to ensure that any moisture in the surface below cannot seep through to your pine laminate flooring. But as it isn’t very thick you may find that when walking on the flooring it feels hard.

The next kind of underlay worth considering using and which tends to cost more is the type known as combined underlay. This is made up of two different materials and is somewhat thicker than the poly foam type. Along with it providing a more cushioning affect when you walk across pine laminate flooring it have great sound insulating properties as well. Certainly if you are intending to install laminate flooring in an apartment or condo then this is the kind of underlay you should be considering using.

If you are intending to lay pine laminate flooring on to a surface which is somewhat uneven then wood fiber board should be used. This is the thickest kind of underlay that you can purchase today and is the reason why it is so suitable for using on surfaces that are uneven. As with the previous type of underlay this again has great sound insulating properties and can also help to retain heat in the room far better as well.